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YN-0906II LED Light for Cameras Camcorders for DSLR / Video camera
Model: YN-0906II Reviews:  (0)
Major Features:
* Professional micro-LED video light
* Features high brightness
* Acurate color temperature
* High portability and sync flash on SLR camera
* Helps ensure your pictures's perfect settings

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YN-460 Speedlight Flash 1
Model: YN460 Reviews:  (0)
Major Features:
* YN460 has an Wireless Light control function for a slave flash.
* 7 difference manual flash power level
* With Reflector board and diffusing board
* Test button and charging indicator
* Note: This YN-460 can NOT work on TTL mode.
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CTR-301P 4 Channel Wireless Flash Trigger Transmitter Receiver for Canon Nikon Panasonic
Model: CTR-301P Reviews:  (0)
Major Features:
* Black color
* 4 frequency channel
* Wireless remote contorl
* Compatible with various models, Nikon, Canon, Pentax and so on

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YN-468 II Flash Speedlight for Canon 1100D 1000D 600D 550D 500D 450D 400D
Model: YN-468 II C Reviews:  (0)
Major Features:
* For Canon Only
* This YN-468 II is the improved model of YN-468, it has added standard PC port, with improved battery compartment and buttons design

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Aputure AHL-C60 LED Light Macro Ring Flash For Canon EOS 650D 600D 5D Mark II
Model: AHL-C60 Reviews:  (0)
Major Features:
* New LED flash with continuous, stable light
* Brightness adjustment wheel
* Flash mode light output is twice as high as continuous mode
* Accommodate hotshoe or lenses
* Works with flash triggers

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